Frequently asked questions

How do Dining Reservation Alerts work?

We will take care of monitoring for your requested reservations for you! As soon as a reservation is found, we will send you an email or SMS* with a direct link to book the reservation! It's that simple!

How do Park Reservation Alerts work?

We will monitor the reservation calendar for you based on the ticket types you've requested. When ticket types are combined together, we will check to make sure both ticket types are available at the park you requested. As soon as we find a reservation, we will notify you via email or SMS* to book the reservation!

Can you book a dining reservation or park reservation for me?

We can only notify you that a reservation is available and cannot book any reservations for you.

Are dining reservations or park reservations guaranteed?

Reservations for both dining and parks are NOT guaranteed. We do not control the supply of reservations and can only notify you if they become available.

I clicked the link immediately after I received it and the dining/park reservation was not available. Why?

For dining reservations - the reservation may have been booked by someone else. For park reservations, ensure that you did not recently check for a reservation. Check again after 5 minutes.

I created an alert with incorrect information, how can I get my alert credits back?

If you made an error when creating your alerts, you can delete the request, and you will receive your alert credits back. Dining and park reservation alerts can be refunded up to 72 hours after creation. Credits can not be refunded after you've received an alert or the date is in the past.

How many contacts can be notified for a single alert?

Free accounts can add a single email contact to a dining or park reservation alert. Pro and Business accounts can have up to 10 contacts for a single alert. You can add as many email and SMS* contacts to your account.

What does the free version include?

Please check the pricing page for a comparison between plans.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by visiting the billing page. Once a subscription is cancelled, your account will remain on the same plan until the end of the billing cycle and will then transition back to the free plan. Any active alerts that have been set up will remain active, but creating new alerts will be subject to the limitations of the plan you are on at the time of creation.

If I cancel my reservation, do my alerts stay active?

Yes! When you cancel your subscription, any alerts you created while you had an active subscription will stay active (including SMS alerts). You will not be able to create any new SMS alerts after your subscription expires.

Are you affiliated with The Walt Disney Company or any of their theme parks?

Theme Park IQ is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries. Disney, Disneyland, Walt Disney World are all trademarked names owned by The Walt Disney Company.

* SMS is available for paid plans